About Plaudit

eLife Innovation Sprint 2018

Plaudit was conceived of at the eLife Innovation Sprint 2018, ran in conjunction with the Mozilla Global Sprint 2018. During this print, the team set out to tackle a complex problem:

Can we find a way to recognise the value of scientific content, independent of the journal in which it’s published?

Solving this problem can help addressing the obsession with publication in "prestigious" journals, and hence stimulate researchers to make their work widely available through platforms like preprint servers and other rapid publication and sharing services.

The solution the team came up with was Plaudit: a simple mechanism for researchers to endorse valuable scientific work. Not only was this idea realistic in scope, it also nicely aligned incentives:

Research consumers
can use endorsements from trusted members of the academic community to show them what research is reliable, interesting and relevant.
benefit from the credibility endorsements provide their work with.
Preprint servers
gain an independent stamp of credibility for (deserving) work that they host.
can indicate which research is useful to them, and can boost their image of being able to recognise valuable scientific work, much like sitting on an editorial board can.

And perhaps most importantly: it fits in with the wider mission of increasing Open Access to publicly funded research.

Slide deck · concept site

Pilot development

Between October 22nd, 2018 and February 22nd, 2019, eLife will be supporting us to develop an initial pilot version, and to collaborate with the Center for Open Science to test the concept with researchers.


10 May 2018

Plaudit conceived at the eLife Innovation Sprint

22 October 2018

Start development of pilot version supported by eLife, in collaboration with the Center for Open Science.

The team

Picture of Alf

Alf Eaton

Software developer, Manuscripts

Picture of Joe

Joe Wass

Principal R&D Engineer, Crossref

Picture of Mark

Mark Patterson

Executive Director, eLife

Picture of Mattias

Mattias Björnmalm

Research fellow, Imperial College London

Picture of Sara

Sara Bosshart

Open Access Publisher, IWA Publishing

Picture of Vincent

Vincent Tunru

Software developer, Flockademic